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Extra Blissful Fractal Vase

Extra Blissful Fractal Vase

Material 3D Printed Plastic


Here, our signature fractal vase pushes the limits on details, while bringing a heavenly curve through the form. It has a beautiful but misleading shape, causing much confusion about the actual design of this object. It's true our minds make up what they do not quite decipher, and the curious twist seen here is no exception. Formed in a process that takes nearly a day, this vase turns heads, and more importantly brings a message of new possibility.

Each fractal vase comes with battery powered LEDs so it can be lit up and displayed as a luminary.

This vase is a decorative art sculpture that can be used to hold flower / decor arrangements. Please note that it is not guaranteed to be water-tight and is not intended to hold liquids. Plastic floral sleeves can be used in instances requiring water for live arrangements.