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Triangle Grids Vase

Triangle Grids Vase

Material 3D Printed Plastic


As seen in HGTV Magazine (Aug / Sept. 2017). A unique statement vase made of 3D printed plastic. Enjoy a swirling vortex of triangles waving over the surface of this elegant vase form. It is meant to be playful and otherworldly, balancing a peaceful and stimulating presence. An abstract decor accent for any modern space.

This vase is very durable, and will not break when dropped on the floor. This makes it great for family spaces, entryways, or busy lobbies with pets or kids.

This vase is a decorative art sculpture that can be used to hold flower / decor arrangements. Please note that it is not guaranteed to be water-tight and is not intended to hold liquids. Plastic floral sleeves can be used in instances requiring water for live arrangements.