next level pottery and gifts

We are a husband and wife team, working together to market artistic products that we create ourselves. In 2014, we started a 3D printing shop on etsy called MeshCloud.

With MeshCloud we found success and a lot of excitement for our products. Customers were fascinated with the technology and found the design and style of our work appealing.

We were encouraged by great sales revenue, pages of positive reviews, and some larger clients like HGTV, Birds & Blooms Magazine, Google, and Nickelodeon.

In 2017, Next Level Pottery was created for connecting with new customers and to reach niche markets, wholesale vendors, and gift shops around the world. 


All of our objects are created first through digital design. After we are satisfied with the shape on the computer screen, we embark on the adventure of 3d printing the object into the real world.

In this process, a robotic arm heats up plastic thread to 230 degrees Celsius and extrudes it into thin layers. After layer upon layer is extruded and cooled, our design begins to emerge. This process is fairly slow, taking 3 to 4 hours to make a baseball sized pot. Larger pots take up to 18 or 20 hours to 3d print.

With a fleet of 6 printers, we are able to handle small and medium sized orders with ease. Larger orders take longer, due to the time required to manufacture and hand finish each object.


PLA, or Polylactic acid, is a non-toxic polyester commonly used to make tea bags, fruit containers, and other types of Eco-friendly packaging.

PLA plastic is made from corn sugar, a unique material that is not recycled because it is biodegradable when fully composted, leaving a positive impact on the environment.