next level pottery and gifts

Why Plastic Pottery?

Pottery is an ancient tradition where artisans formed beautiful and useful items out of raw materials. Here we do the same, just our material is quite unconventional: 3D Printed PLA Plastic. Here we seek to elevate this eco-friendly material to the level of fine art. Our plastic items are more durable than ceramic pots while the technology allows us to push the limits of design.

Next Level Manufacturing

Our goal is to push the technology for high quality design. We offer only the most beautiful and creative 3D printed gifts, each piece designed with industrial strength equipment and hand finished with care. Creating great products is very important to us, and so we make everything in our own 2-person studio and oversee every aspect of your order from start to finish.

Made-To-Order 3D Printing

With a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from, each order is 3D printed promptly after you order. We always keep you updated on the status of your items and will send you notification of shipment, with tracking information. As always, feel free to contact us with questions or custom requests.